Top Tips for a Successful Blind Date

I met my husband 43 years ago, on a blind date. Needless to say, it was successful.

Over the years, I’ve noticed as friends compared stories about their nuptials, how many of them met on blind dates. I started to think about what made these blind dates work out so well. What did they all have in common?

Here are ten things I think will lead you to a successful blind date:

1. Know the person who is fixing you up, and be sure that person knows you. If your matchmaker knows you, your values, likes and dislikes, they will have a good handle on what would be an awesome blind date. Communicating with your matchmaker about your proposed meeting will go a long way towards having a good experience. Be up front and don’t be afraid to ask for a picture or description of your date. The more information you have in the beginning, the better it is in the end.

2. Start with a phone call. Before going out on a blind date, it is important to talk to your prospective date on the phone, listen to her voice, ask about her background and interests, so when you go on that first date, though it’s blind, it’s not in the dark.

3. Remember good hygiene. Though it goes without saying, it’s impossible to be objective with yourself. As a result, you may have a hygiene problem and not know it. A good buddy can put you on the right track ASAP.

4. Limit alcohol intake, and never drink before your date. Though nerves can tempt you to take that one calming drink, override that impulse and meet your date with clarity.

5. Have fun. Find something new and interesting for both of you. From your phone conversations, you already have a heads up about her interests, likes and dislikes.

6. Be authentic. If you allow yourself to be the real you, then that second date will be because she likes you.

7. Be positive. Nobody likes a curmudgeon.

8. Don’t control, don’t be possessive, and don’t manipulate. Women listen for that on a first date, and it is often their number one red flag.

9. Be generous. Women read generosity as a reflection of a generous heart. For example, be generous with your feelings, be open, share your story, listen to hers… and pick up the bill.

10. Dress for success. Put on something you’re comfortable in, that you like, and that you don’t have to think about once you walk out the door. When you feel good about yourself, you emote confidence, rather than insecurity and neediness.