Tips for Parenting & Educating the Gifted Child

Are you the parent of a gifted child? If so, you may feel obliged, on occasion, to push your child more academically. You may feel an extra responsibility to oversee your gifted child’s educational progress. In a previous blog post, I wrote about the common characteristics of gifted children, ... Read More

Suicide in Teens and Young Adults

I recently met with a friend whose daughter committed suicide. Her daughter was a recovering alcoholic, and an argument with her significant other pushed her back towards drinking, and in the end, suicide. Sadly, our culture is seeing more and more suicide in the teen and young adult population. ... Read More

The Face of a Domestic Terrorist

While there is no particular or distinct characteristic of a domestic terrorist, history reveals there are some behaviors that they seem to have in common.  Recognizing those behaviors and taking them seriously can alert significant others to pay attention, and to intervene before it is too late. ... Read More

Unequal Schooling

In the year 2000, I was Arianna Huffington’s guest at the Shadow Convention that she organized in LA. There, I participated in a CNN discussion on the efficacy of teenagers and politics. It was at this time that I met Johnathan Kozol, the author of “Savage Inequalities.”  I got to know ... Read More

One Mom’s Public Letter to Her Son About Drugs & Alcohol

With prom and graduation parties on the horizon, you may be getting ready to talk with your teenager about drugs and alcohol. On my PBS show and radio show Let’s Talk, I interviewed a mother who was very involved with an organization that helped provide drug and alcohol education, and what she ... Read More