Going Home for the Holidays With a New Love

You’ve been dating a new guy for a while now, and your relationship is getting serious. As the holidays approach, you ask if he wants to spend the holidays with you visiting your family across the country. He agrees. You suddenly panic. While you are thrilled to be in love and to share ... Read More

How to redefine quality time in an over-scheduled society

Remember the old phrase “keeping up with the Joneses”? It used to be that neighbors would try to “keep up” with each other by having similar or nicer houses and cars. We’d proudly boast about our children getting accepted into a good school or making honor roll when we’d run into friends ... Read More

Your College Child’s First Thanksgiving Break Home

You haven’t seen your child for several months, since she left for her Freshman year of college. During that time, she has been completely independent, on her assent towards adulthood. You’ve trusted that you have instilled within her your values, morals, and integrity. And, now that she has ... Read More

10 Ways to Have a Happy Family Holiday

As we prepare for visits with loved ones this holiday season, you may be filled with excitement at being reunited with family you haven’t seen in a while. Many of you may also be feeling anxiety: perhaps you have rocky relationships with certain family members or you are simply stressed about ... Read More

Teaching Children the Importance of Gratitude

November 1st marks the start of what many have begun celebrating as the month of giving thanks. All across social media, you will find people of all ages sharing their 30 Days of Gratitude and 30 Days of Thanks. The idea centers around Thanksgiving, and sharing what you are grateful for each day. ... Read More