How Stress Affects Your Baby During Pregnancy

With our society’s shift toward more mindful living, you may be aware of how stress impacts your well-being. Yet when you become pregnant, you should also be aware of the affects your stress may have on your baby’s development. Your body under stress When you are stressed out, what is ... Read More

How Men & Women Handle Stress Differently

You’ve been angry at your spouse all day, not making eye contact and ignoring his questions. Yet he seems completely oblivious. At the end of the day, you confront him about the situation, and he seems shocked. “I didn’t even know you were angry with me,” he protests. And as hard as it may ... Read More

What Parents Need to Know About Stress and Learning

Retention, comprehension and potential to learn are all undermined by stress and anxiety. We are all familiar with the term "test anxiety," and have all experienced that feeling of not being able to concentrate because of stress. How stress affects brain performance Stress hormones affect our ... Read More

Helping Your Baby Through the Clingy Phase

In the beginning of your child’s life, your importance as his mother is without parallel. You are the first love object and the pattern or model for all other love relations. It is you who feeds, comforts, loves, and in general, meets the needs of your baby. When your baby is one, he has a ... Read More

College Campus Meltdown

If you are like me, you are wondering what is happening on college campuses. The easy answer is education. But, that is no longer the sole purpose of the university experience.   Parents recognize that today, activism has become not only a force for change on college campuses, but ... Read More