Sibling Rivalry

 In the beginning, there was Cain and Abel - every parent’s worst nightmare - the out-of-control expression of one child’s anger, frustration, and jealousy towards their sibling. The problem is a complex one and doesn’t have an easy answer. However, there are some things that parents should ... Read More

10 Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

Ahh, siblings. Your sisters and brothers may be your first friends…and your first enemies. Sibling rivalry is so powerful that it may even affect the roles that we take in a family, and the careers we choose for ourselves in the adult world. For example, due to competition with our siblings, what ... Read More

When Parents Foster Sibling Rivalry

Remember when your mom asked: “Why can’t you be as nice as your sister?” “Your brother used to get As when he was in Calculus, why are you barely getting Bs?” Have you found yourself making similar types of remarks to your child? Sibling rivalries can be initiated by seemingly ... Read More

The Achiever, The Peacemaker, The Life of the Party: How Birth Order Affects Personality

You’re going on a family road trip with your adult siblings. Which of these three scenarios sounds most like you? You’ve been planning it for weeks, secured the hotel rooms, made restaurant reservations, have the car’s oil changed and have a tank full of gas, and you’ve mapped out rest ... Read More

12 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating On You

All couples go through emotional ups and downs, but when your spouse is cheating on you, you often have an intuition or inner-knowing that informs you that there is trouble ahead. Nothing happens in a vacuum and infidelity may be a symptom of something else going on at home. On the other hand, your ... Read More