Why Putting Your Holiday Decorations Up Early is Good for Mental Health

At lunch, the other day, one of my friends brought up the subject of decorating for the holidays early. And, immediately I felt my body relax as my thoughts drifted back to the happy memories of childhood celebrations.  My friend was smiling as well, reminding me of how much fun decorating for the ... Read More

How to Handle Challenging Guests at the Holiday Dinner Table

The holidays are just around the corner…and so, too, are those few holiday guests who always seem to get under your skin. While we each have our own unique family dynamics, there are a few common classic personalities that many of us may face each holiday season. Here’s how to deal with them in ... Read More

10 Ways to Have a Happy Family Holiday

Happy Holiday

As we prepare for visits with loved ones this holiday season, you may be filled with excitement at being reunited with family you haven’t seen in a while. Many of you may also be feeling anxiety: perhaps you have rocky relationships with certain family members or you are simply stressed about ... Read More

We Are Failing Our Boys

I had the opportunity to attend TED2014 and was excited about what psychologist Phillip Zimbardo had to say. He spoke about how men are failing socially, academically and with women. His TED talk struck a nerve with me. The debate is on about how we as a nation are failing our boys and men, ... Read More

How to Help Children Cope with Anxiety

Imagine you are on an airplane and suddenly the seatbelt light goes on. The pilot’s voice tells you to prepare for turbulence up ahead. In one moment, your heart starts pumping faster, your stomach drops, and you’re breathing rapidly. These are the physical and emotional symptoms of ... Read More