Make the Most of Thanksgiving Break with Your College Freshman

First and most importantly: enjoy your holiday! You haven’t seen your child for several months, since she left for her Freshman year of college. During that time, she has been completely independent, on her assent towards adulthood. You’ve trusted that you have instilled within her your ... Read More

Why Putting Your Holiday Decorations Up Early is Good for Mental Health

At lunch, the other day, one of my friends brought up the subject of decorating for the holidays early. And, immediately I felt my body relax as my thoughts drifted back to the happy memories of childhood celebrations.  My friend was smiling as well, reminding me of how much fun decorating for the ... Read More

Why Do You Care What Other People Think?

You think about it when you get dressed in the morning, when you choose a profession, when you choose a partner. Let’s face it: it’s hard not to make a decision without taking into consideration what other people might think. You say you don’t care, but deep down, you do…while feeling ... Read More

Millennials: The Lost Generation?

As the nation moves forward from the results of the Presidential election, the other day while listening to the news, I was disturbed by the story of another election. A school principal subverted the democratic process of student elections by holding up the results. The principal did this based on ... Read More

Fall Family Bonding Activities

Life is a series of memories, and bonding with your child assures that he will have happy memories. With schools back in session and cooler temperatures moving in, here are a few simple fall child-centered activities that require active listening and help you take time to be present with your child. ... Read More