Top Tips for a Successful Blind Date

I met my husband 43 years ago, on a blind date. Needless to say, it was successful. Over the years, I’ve noticed as friends compared stories about their nuptials, how many of them met on blind dates. I started to think about what made these blind dates work out so well. What did they all have ... Read More

11 Rules of Dating

As a human behavior expert with a Ph.D. in Psychology and Masters and Doctorate in Education, I am often asked for advice about the art of dating. Whether you are single, divorced, or widowed, finding Mr. Right can be a challenge. My years of experience have taught me that even though each ... Read More

Recognizing Your Relationship Patterns

Romance and sexual passion are connected in a very real way to the deepest patterns of our childhood, those relationship patterns that we experience with our mother and father from the earliest stages of development. Parental bonds The way your parents cared for and bonded to you, the way they ... Read More

6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

All relationships have their ups and downs. What is important to remember, is to be empathic to one another, so that you can communicate and solve problems. Otherwise, you create injuries that may last for the duration of your relationship. The old adage, “Sticks and stones can break your bones, ... Read More

14 Tips for Fighting Fair With Your Partner

14 tips for fighting fair

There’s an old saying: a woman marries a man thinking that she will change him – and she doesn’t; a man marries a woman thinking she’ll never change – and she does. Life is about change, and all relationships are in motion. There are many trees in our forest. There is the happy tree ... Read More