How Positive People Self-Protect Against Vulnerability

Are you an optimist? Optimism is a human trait that makes us see the glass half full, instead of half empty. While this sounds good in theory, and it can be a positive trait, if you are an optimist, you may look at life in a way that alters your perspective of negative experiences. For instance, you ... Read More

Loving Ties That Bind – How Your Best Efforts Are Putting Your Child at Risk

You think that preparing your child for success means teaching them how to stand on their own two feet. And while that’s true, most modern parenting swings between damaging extremes: either you throw your child out of the nest before he can fly, or shield him so much, that he never sees the sun, ... Read More

When a Parent Transitions as Transgender

Communication is the key to overcoming any family obstacle. When a parent decides to transition as a transgender, my Empathic Process is a structured and safe way, in which parents and children, have the opportunity to express their feelings openly and honestly, without defense. It is important ... Read More

What Motivates Children to Kill Their Siblings?

Under the age of 11, children who kill don’t usually understand that death is an irrevocable event.  But once children crossover into adolescence, they typically kill if they feel victimized, or when they meet restraints that they believe to be unfair. Freud called adolescence the period of ... Read More

Fifteen Ways to Happier Parenting

Parents know that you are only as happy as your least happy child. The journey through childhood is often filled with unseen and unexpected mind fields. The question is how to navigate them effectively. Ah — “There is the rug.” The road map to happier parenting has a key, which is unlocked ... Read More