The Power of Resiliency, Part 1

Recently, I watched the mini-series "Genius," on the National Geographic Channel, which was the story of the life of Albert Einstein. Einstein struggled for most of his early life with the fact that he viewed the world through a different prism; that his ideas of physics were abstract and difficult ... Read More

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

One in ten children gets bullied every day. Hundreds of children don’t go to school because of their fear of being bullied. What does this say about us and our school culture? Children start complaining about bullying as early as elementary school, and, if bullying is allowed to go ... Read More

Meditation for the Whole Family

In our busy, always-in-a-rush society, I have found meditation to be especially calming and beneficial to parents and children alike. You may think your child is too young or incapable of meditation, but even children as young as age three are able to sit next to you and mimic your meditation, ... Read More

The Psychology of Aggression, Part 3

Since Freud believed that aggression is man’s natural state, it follows that such aggression can function outside of the realm of the ownership of private property. Furthermore, since aggression, according to Freud, is innate, it comes before the idea of ownership. As Freud (1961) stated: ... Read More

The Psychology of Aggression, Part 2

From the time Cane killed Able in the Garden of Eden, aggression became a part of the human psyche. Freud found the Biblical commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself to be a shallow and false premise. He contended that man is naturally aggressive, and, therefore, to love one’s neighbor ... Read More