Three Simple Solutions to Help Reduce Childhood Stress and Boost Your Child’s Academic Potential

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I’m going to share some quick and easy examples of ways that you can help lower your child’s stress levels and boost your child’s academic potential. Tip #1: Incorporate baroque music into your daily routines Music is a bridge between our right and left hemispheres.  Music allows our ... Read More

The Effects of Stress on the Modern Child, Part 2


Today, I’d like to share what exactly happens to the body when your child experiences stress and dig deeper into one of the leading modern-day conundrums families face that may deepen this stress: early separation between mother and child. The biology of your child’s stress Here is what is ... Read More

The Effects of Stress on the Modern Child, Part 1

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Sitting in my office this morning listening to the news, I thought about the unusual stress that today’s children are exposed to. Though your children are born hard-wired to learn and filled with tremendous human potential, I am concerned that our modern culture’s demands may negatively affect ... Read More

Girls Who Bully and the Women They Learn From

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Today most of our research about bullying concentrates on boys. Yet a growing problem in our society is girls who bully. Because bullying in the past was defined by physical violence, we are less aware of the bullying tactics of girls, which can appear covert. As a human behavior expert and educator ... Read More

Women Who Bully Other Women

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The famous psychiatrist Carl Jung warned about the dangers of one-sidedness in the psyche. He told us that if we are unaware or unconscious of our behavior patterns, we can project them onto others - thus demonizing them. This relieves our emotional tension and anxiety; for the very feelings we ... Read More