The Sacrifices We Make For Those We Love


Over the years, I’ve been approached by women and men who want to know if they’ve made the right choice in sacrificing their needs for their relationship. Whether it’s moving to a new town you aren’t thrilled about so that your spouse can accept his dream job, or agreeing to choose the ... Read More

Tips for New Stepparents, Part 2

In my last blog post, I discussed the scenarios that might come into play when becoming a new stepparent. In this post, I share a few specific tips to keep in mind that can help you transition into your new role. The following tips can help you transition into your new combined family: That ... Read More

Tips for New Stepparents, Part 1

  For many newlyweds, they not only gain a new spouse when they get married - they gain a whole new family, including stepchildren. Finding your place in your new family dynamic can be a wonderful but also challenging process. You may feel overwhelmed by the merging of two lifestyles, ... Read More

Ways to Foster Better Child Behavior

If you’re a mom or a dad, you likely have –at one time or another – found yourself at wit’s end while parenting your child. When a pattern of bad behavior emerges, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. While each individual situation is different, there are a few elements that research ... Read More

Chores and What They Mean to Your Child


Children learn things at the knees of their mothers that they can’t get anywhere else. They learn about life and how to experience it. Parents really are the first teachers – and, dare I say it – the home is the first schoolhouse. As parents, we have embarked upon the journey of guiding a new ... Read More