When a Child Loses a Loved One, Part One

When your child experiences the loss of a loved one – whether a grandparent, parent, sibling, friend, or teacher – he can become detached from his feelings, in a sense, out of time. The worst has happened and, in his mind, nothing can restore a state of normalcy again. Since bereavement is a ... Read More

How to Make the Most of Menopause, Together

Hot flashes. Mood swings. Depression. Memory Loss. Vaginal dryness. Loss of libido. Bladder problems. At first glance, menopause may seem like an awful, overwhelmingly negative life change. Yet despite the laundry list of negatives, there are positive compensations that occur with this mid-life ... Read More

Tips to Help Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce is hard, for all of the individuals involved. When your parents decide to get divorced, you may experience many different, overwhelming, and even conflicting emotions. You may feel torn between the two people you love the most, and you may even feel to blame for what has happened. It ... Read More

10 Tips for Fighting Fair

Have you ever been in a fight with a friend, lover, or spouse, and found yourself becoming angry and out of control? Saying things in the heat of battle, which you wish you could take back? There is a way to avoid losing your temper and projecting out onto your spouse your own reactive ... Read More

Stress and Performance Anxiety, Part 2

If you’ve ever been anxious before going on a stage, running a race, or in bed with your spouse, you’ve experienced performance anxiety. In my last post, I explained some reasons for performance anxiety, and how it can affect your emotional and physical health. Here are some tips to help you ... Read More