Why Kids Brag and What Parents Can Do About It


“I am the best reader in the whole class!” “I am so much smarter than all of my friends.” Sound familiar? There are several reasons that children brag. They are still learning how to navigate socially in this world, and it is our job as parents to help guide them with love and ... Read More

10 Ways to Make Her Happy

Make her happy

Remember the adage, “if she’s not happy, he’s not happy.” As in all such sayings, this one has a kernel of truth. When my son was a young boy, I taught him how to master the art of intimacy. I told him that he would live a happy life if he learned this. Because life is all about ... Read More

10 Ways to Make Him Happy

happy couple man

When I was a young teacher, I had an older colleague who was a guidance counselor. And since I was newly married, she sat me down and gave me some sage advice one day. She said, “never have secrets from your husband. Always tell him everything first so that no one can ever tell him anything… ... Read More

The Power of Environment


As your child’s most important teacher, it is your job to create a secure and rich environment with printed letters, numbers, and physical objects he can observe and manipulate. These tools can help them develop the cognitive and emotional skills that, in turn, contribute to intellectual, ... Read More

Teach Your Child to Lead

future leader (1)

My best friend from birth was Ilene Sher. She was the greatest leader I have ever met. All that I learned about leadership, I learned from her. Though she died several years ago from cancer, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her and the lessons she taught me. Ilene was an only child. ... Read More