The Fallout of Making Personal Lives Public

Life is not reality TV. Parents should never be discussing their children’s personal lives in public. It is a great default of trust and loyalty… and it’s nobody’s business.

Josh Duggar should be taking an inner and private journey right now to find his way home to himself, to integrate back his projections, and to heal. Whatever happens from here on in, is between him and his wife… period. That is his best chance to individuate. Then, he can choose his behavior, rather than be compelled by his early childhood patterns… which, by the way, have everything to do with his mom and dad.

This is real life, and whenever you make public your family’s interactions, you are setting your family up to hide, repress, and suppress feelings they may identify with shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. Sexual awakening, exploration, and experiences are a natural part of childhood, but when placed in a public arena, they become hidden and suppressed. This can cause them to break out and be projected into adulthood.