Take a Break from Homework

This is the third blog post in an eight-part blog series, Seven Simple Solutions to Smarter, Less Stressed Kids. Each post contains one new solution to help families grow together and help improve academic performance.

Brains – especially growing brains – need breaks in order to function at optimal ability. Homework will get done faster and more efficiently with regular breaks. Humans were not made to sit for several hours a day; we were made to be hunters and gatherers, to move around. In terms of homework time, the brain can only learn what the bottom can endure.


Instead of sitting down for one entire hour to finish homework, encourage your child to take breaks when they feel their mind start to tire or wander, when they just can’t concentrate anymore; then remember to bring them back to finish their work.


  • After 20-30 minutes of concentrating on homework after school, encourage your children to take the next 10 minutes at rest.
  • Offer your kids a healthy snack such as blueberries, a glass of milk– something good for the brain – during the break to replenish nutrients and recharge the brain.
  • Get up and move! Encourage your child to stretch, to play outside, to dance to music, and let the brain roam.
  • Get up and move – together! Take a walk around the block with your kids as you talk about their day at school.
  • As the parent, be sure to monitor the length of each break and encourage your children to return to their homework after a few minutes.