Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

How comfortable are you stepping out of your comfort zone?

You may be surprised to learn that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new and challenging can actually create more connections in the brain, while building your associative mass. Not only that, but it allows you to use more of your brain. For example, when Einstein learned to play the violin, he used another part of his brain to do that, which I think was changed then for the better…forevermore.

Also, originality and creativity can be stimulated when you do something new and inventive. By exploring new horizons for yourself, you are, in fact, organizing new rules that establish change. This gives you a sense of control, and though there is often anxiety in exploring new frontiers, that anxiety is so stimulating and exciting that it may actually lower stress. Further, the very sense of adventure that stepping out of your comfort zone creates, builds excitement and renewal, which all lead to the enhancement of wisdom, self-esteem, authenticity and sense of self.

By breaking limits and pushing past your effort, you have the opportunity to not only motivate yourself, but to motivate and inspire others; the inventiveness of embracing challenges is contagious. And, stepping out of your comfort zone can inoculate you from being complacent, tired, depressed, as well as from the mental slowdown of aging. This type of good stress encourages peak performance, and helps you to stay mentally alert, interested, and focused, by doing new and stimulating things.

Liberating yourself from the ordinariness of everyday life, you will empower yourself to take risks and test yourself against your environment. This can lead to a euphoric sense of self, better self-esteem, new skills, new perspectives and self-respect. When people step out of their comfort zone, they not only help themselves, but they help positively affect those around them, while also experiencing a fuller and happier life.