The Key to Boosting Your Child’s Health and IQ: Your Time

Key to boosting your child's health and IQ: parental involvement

It’s 7:00 p.m. at the end of another busy day. Between long hours at work, commuting time, shuttling your kids between activities, figuring out dinner, and helping with homework, you’re one very tired parent. You know you need to spend some “quality time” with your children, but you can’t ... Read More

It’s Never About What It’s About

It's Never About What It's About

You're at a party, and someone takes a verbal swipe at you. One of those insults disguised as a compliment. A euphemism, meant to hurt. And yes, it hits its target. You shrivel, feeling thrown off-balance and insecure. What do you do? You wish you had a great comeback. That zinger that you ... Read More